About Our Partners

Local Universe works with these amazing environmentally friendly companies: 
Superior Ink has done some major overhauls in order to get Certifiably Green. We use energy efficient machines, water-based inks, and eco-friendly cleaners for our products. We also encourage our client base to use sustainably sourced apparel. We recycle more than 75 percent of our waste. We are committed to providing a sustainable, eco-friendly experience in all of our practices.
We prioritize packaging that is made with as much recycled content as humanly possible. Within “recycled content” we seek the highest level of post-consumer waste (versus post-industrial waste) allowable without hindering the quality of the packaging. For certain packaging needs, recycled content (especially post-consumer recycled content) is not feasible or practical. When we find this to be the case, we first look to post-industrial content and next to packaging made with renewable raw materials.

We prioritize materials that are as easily recyclable as possible, with a focus on those that can be recycled back into themselves (versus downcycled into a lower value item).

Because of the first two criteria above, EcoEnclose has prioritized recycled paper and recycled plastic e-commerce packaging and has not focused on virgin bioplastics.

How materials and packaging are manufactured is critical, regardless of the packaging material. EcoEnclose seeks US-based supply chain partners with demonstrated commitments to transparent sourcing, renewable energy, minimizing resource utilization and responsible waste management.

We help e-commerce businesses reduce the volume of packaging and material they need to use by providing custom shipping boxes sized perfectly for the products they are delivering and mailers in a broad variety of sizes.

We use the most eco-minded inks possible for printing and branding, with a focus on those that use as little petroleum as possible, produce the least amount of toxins, and that have a low impact on recycling or composting.

We help our customers motivate their customers to reuse or recycle their packaging to support the cradle-to-cradle cycle of materials.

We are honest and transparent. We state the minimum recycled content levels of our products and never use meaningless phrases (such as up to 15% recycled content) to describe them. We provide detail on post-consumer content levels and information on how items can be recycled.

Since we began in 1989, all ECOBAGS® products have been made in socially responsible environments. Our primary production partners, in India, have always shared our vision of an engaged and sustainable work environment. They offer competitive compensation, extended health coverage, retirement benefits, pension plans (under government programs), vacations and holidays; going well beyond local labor requirements. Our CEO and Founder, Sharon Rowe, travels to India regularly and, over 25-plus years, has created lifelong relationships.

Our supply chain for organic fibers (no chemicals, synthetic fertilizers) is certified through GOTS. Our supply chain for recycled and conventional fibers is certified by SA-8000. Our certifications are recognized internationally and cover operational and social workplace accountability.

Our recycled fibers are post-industrial, keeping waste out of landfill. All fabric dyes are azo free.

When we produce in the USA and China we make sure all practices and policies are in full compliance (labor, materials and environment). To date we have used SGS as our third-party certifier on projects. We are a certified BCorporation, a business that considers people, planet and profit in its mission and day-to-day practices, which means that all of our certifications and processes are reviewed and approved on an ongoing basis. Since 2012 we have been recognized as Best for the World. In 2016 we received an even higher recognition as Best for the World Overall.

At Royal Apparel we take our corporate responsibility to take care of not just our customers, but also our employees, very seriously. Our USA made apparel is cut, sewn, picked & shipped by employees making a livable wage, in safe & comfortable working conditions.

Ways Royal Apparel reduces our environmental footprint: