How We Choose Our Products

Local Universe makes it easy to shop with your conscience. 

When you’re seeking locally made gifts, sustainably made gifts, gifts with a story and gifts that give back (or maybe just some really cool stuff for yourself), explore Local Universe.

Products in the Local Universe meet these criteria: 

They’re locally made or produced. As much as possible, the ingredients and materials are sourced from the place that we’re featuring, and the final product is created in the place that we’re featuring.

They’re sustainably made. We seek out products that are made with environmentally friendly materials in an environmentally friendly way. If we find a product we love that’s made with conventional materials, we have special versions made for Local Universe with organic or recycled materials.

We pay extra for eco-friendly materials to use in our shipping as well. That’s how much we believe in the environmental cause.

They tell a story. We travel to the places we feature. We write about our experiences there on our blog, Stories of Makers and Places. And we meet the makers. Ours is a personal connection, and every product is hand-picked.

When you buy a gift or product from Local Universe, we’ll even send the story with it.

They support a cause. We choose products from social enterprises that support a mission, or we select a nonprofit or charitable organization (exclusive of politics and inclusive of faiths and religions) to support with a portion of our sales. Whenever possible, we choose a local cause relevant to the community from which the product is sourced.

Local Universe operates under the principles of social justice. It’s rooted way deep in our hearts. So when you shop Local Universe, you can trust that we’re doing our best to give you great local goods that give back.

Explore with us. Read the stories. Discover the places. Meet the makers. Buy their products. We travel to bring you the adventures and the local goods! 

Julianne WIll, Founder, Local Universe,

I'm trying to tread lightly on this earth. Save kids and the environment. Celebrate creative people making cool things for independent businesses, local businesses and social enterprises. Travel and share the wonders of this world, and shine a spotlight on those who need a little help getting by in it. I want to leave the world a better place if I can, and everything that I do with Local Universe is designed to fulfill that purpose. 

I hope you’ll join me. This is going to be exciting!

Julianne, The Person Who Got This Show on the Road

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