About Our Products

Local Universe makes it easy to shop with your conscience. 

When you’re seeking sustainably made gifts, gifts with a story, gifts that give back or maybe just some really cool stuff for yourself, explore Local Universe. Our goal is to do good in the universe by providing eco-friendly clothing and gifts that promote artists and support the environment and kids. We support a lifestyle of environmentalism, giving back and celebrating the great outdoors. 

Products in the Local Universe meet these criteria: 

They’re sustainably made. We seek out products that are made with environmentally friendly materials in an environmentally friendly way by earth-conscious companies.

So in addition to using:

  • recycled paper for our posters;
  • organic cotton, sustainable bamboo and RPET fabrics for our totes and tees;
  • and a local screenprinting company dedicated to environmentally friendly practices;
we implement environmentalism in everything we do. In fact, this business really represents what we believe in, in real life. So the ways in which we're green permeate everything:

They feature original art. We're honored to feature the work of so many talented artists on our products. You can meet them on our blog, and when you buy a gift or product from Local Universe, we’ll even send the artist's story with it.

They support a cause. We choose products from social enterprises that support a mission, or we select a nonprofit or charitable organization (exclusive of politics and inclusive of faiths and religions) to support with a portion of our sales. 

Explore, celebrate and protect our great outdoors. Shop Local Universe. 

I'm trying to tread lightly on this earth. Save kids and the environment. Celebrate creative people. Travel and share the wonders of this world, and shine a spotlight on those who need a little help getting by in it. I want to leave the world a better place if I can, and everything that I do with Local Universe is designed to fulfill that purpose. 

I hope you’ll join me. This is going to be exciting!

Julianne, The Person Who Got This Show on the Road