Vivian, The Beautician, Skin Care Sampler

Vivian, The Beautician, Skin Care Sampler


$ 45.50 USD

[DENVER] Vivian, The Beautician, is the perfect sampler to give to the skin care aficionado in your life. It includes everything needed to achieve that movie star glow, like Oakmoss & Seaweed Face Soap (2.4 oz. bar), Peppermint Lip Scrub (0.25 oz.), Clay Mask (1 oz. jar),  Rose Petal Toner (1 oz. bottle), and Lip Balm (0.15 oz. tube, flavors vary)

Vivian’s Story: You know how they say that beauty is only skin deep? My sister Vivian would agree wholeheartedly, even while poring over pictures of motion picture starlets, Vivian is the first to tell you that the glamorous looks of Hollywood all come down to an expert facial treatment with a bit of sass. On those days when you just don't feel quite put together, Vivian always has just the thing to freshen up your face and put a little bounce in your step. Sink into her salon chair for a beauty treatment and a long chat. Vivian doesn't abide by snake oil concoctions full of false promises - just good ingredients like natural clay, distilled rose petals and even real sugar.

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