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Our Packaging Is *Almost* as Amazing as Our Products

Our Packaging Is *Almost* as Amazing as Our Products

I've spent days going down rabbit holes. 

I can Google the snot out of anything, especially when it comes to trips, medical issues and my business. So of course choosing packaging materials for Local Universe's eco-friendly, sustainable shirts, totes, artwork and more was a particular reason for a crazy long browsing history. 

But then there was EcoEnclose. They're this genuine, eager group of truly deep environmental thinkers who value bike riding, friends and turning what's usually considered trash (packaging) into new, recyclable packaging. In fact, they've elevated it to an art form.

Way cool but also way friendly, the people of EcoEnclose seem to share my ability to chase rabbits. They put the kind of energy into detail that maybe only a book editor such as I can appreciate. They've exhaustively examined the best materials and practices to really dope out the very most responsible way to get stuff moved and shipped safely.

At the time that I Google-stumbled upon EcoEnclose, Local Universe was based in a humble burg in northeast Indiana, much further than a bike ride from EcoEnclose's spot on the planet near Denver. But I'd lived in Colorado before--I've been coming here since I was 9--and I always planned to come back. When I saw that their nexus is in my favorite place, it sealed the deal. 

While EcoEnclose has been our sole resource for the sustainable envelopes, kraft paper, packaging fluff, boxes and bags that you get your Local Universe goods in since our inception, I was pretty sure our new line of posters would prove the breaking point...because I needed to seal them in *plastic* for retail sales. (I know: EW.) 

And yet this was one of those (rare) occasions when I was wrong. Somehow, EcoEnclose created sealed clear bags out of 100 percent recycled materials. Sorcery or magic? I'm not sure, but I'm incredibly grateful and impressed. I'll never doubt again.

Nor should you doubt for a second when shopping Local Universe. We always track down the most earth-friendly products and supplies; in the case of EcoEnclose, supplied by some of the friendliest people on earth. You can buy what you love and love the universe!

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