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New Slogan Reflects Store's Good Aims

New Slogan Reflects Store's Good Aims

Thank you!

Thanks so much to all of you who shared your thoughts on a new slogan as I reshape the Local Universe brand. The feedback was incredibly well-thought-out and creative...which is to be expected from such a talented audience! 

The top response? "Doing a world of good," which, as one brilliant friend suggested, can morph into "Doing a universe of good." (Not only does it pull in our name, but it also avoids overlap with 10 pages of Google results for the first phrase.)

At the same time, there were so many positive responses to several of the other choices--and some entirely new turns of phrase submitted--that I have a wealth of wonderful ways to talk about what Local Universe does. Thanks, dear friends! Every response is gratefully received and will be used!

Even more exciting news

I've found an even better source of apparel--a company creating clothes out of upcycled plastic bottles and other stuff saved from the landfill. I hope you'll stick around as I dial in the brand to avoid fast fashion and truly benefit the universe with this new enterprise.

Thanks again for your loyalty and support. The more we grow, the more good that we can do!

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