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How to Reuse an Old Tee Shirt

How to Reuse an Old Tee Shirt

Yeah--I absolutely see the potential for hypocrisy!

Local Universe is a green company, celebrating and protecting the environment. So how do I justify selling more stuff?

For one thing, all of our goods are sustainably made by socially responsible partners. There's less impact in production and more benefit in job creation. 

We give back with every purchase to a local nonprofit. So when you buy, you give. And you get to promote the environmental causes and talented artists that you love when you use, display, give and otherwise put your Local Universe goods to good use.

Finally, we have some suggestions for turning your old tee shirts into something new. So when you choose a new one, you can reuse the beat-up one. It's the circle of life!

Upcycle with American Textile Recycling Services

DIY creative crafts with One Crazy House.

Twist and tie into a dog bandanna or use as dog pajamas (putting your dog's front paws through the sleeves).

Clean your house and car.

Here at Local Universe, we reward this kind of good behavior! Post a photo of your T-shirt upcycle, DIY or reuse on our Facebook page to earn a 20 percent discount on your next purchase. 

Every now and then, you really do need to give a gift or replace your stuff. And you can feel better about it when you choose sustainably made goods that do good. That's not justifying hypocrisy--that's just smart!

Shop our organic cotton Cash Is King tee, made in Nashville by men overcoming homelessness at Project 615. 

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