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Have shoes, will travel

Have shoes, will travel

Sadly, I still haven't solved the issue of how to fit more shoes into your bag. 

But I have figured out how to pack your shoes in bags that will keep them--and your clothes--clean in a green way. 

Bagito's trash can liners have proven perfect for every pair I've toted around the globe. They have drawstrings to keep left and right side by side, and they're easily washed in hot when you get home.

I like the small size for heels and tennis shoes, and the medium size for boots. I even use the large size as a laundry bag during my trip. 

Maybe you already have some cloth drawstring bags around the house. Those could work just fine, too! The goal is to avoid relying on plastic bags to keep your shoes and clothes on opposite sides.

Now, if I could find a way to magically transport the flats, the boots, the gym shoes, the heels *and* the walking shoes...

Tell us in the comments: What's your trick for traveling green and clean with shoes? 

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