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Green Initiatives: Keeping it Clean

Green Initiatives: Keeping it Clean

I realized that I may have taken the office cleaning a little too far when I washed the “pleather” cardboard box that held my stationery, and it fell apart in the sink.

I may be the OCD exception to the office cleaning rule. But even those who don’t give their storage systems a bath in the kitchen do need to mop up every now and then. Here are some ways we do so sustainably at Local Universe:

I drink my daily cuppa Joe from a reusable mug, and all of the snacks and meals that I eat over my keyboard begin on regular dishes, not disposables. So they get washed with Meyer’s Clean Day biodegradable dish soap or Seventh Generation non-toxic dishwasher detergent gel and Honest Company dishwasher rinse aid.

We keep the office spic-and-span with Seventh Generation disinfecting wipes that are based on thyme oil and EPA registered. We’re also armed with Honest Company plant-based all-purpose cleaner, Better Life non-toxic stainless steel cleaner, Method plant-based wood cleaner, and a long list of other USDA Certified BioBased cleaners that are free of dyes or synthetic fragrances; hypoallergenic; biodegradable; not tested on animals; made without triclosan or phthalates and bottled in recycled plastic. Sometimes we even use plain old vinegar. 

Local Universe green cleaning supplies

Of course we use paper towels made of recycled paper from Seventh Generation, and we toss them in BioBags biodegradable trash bags when we’re through. Then we wash our hands with Honest Company non-toxic hand soap. Hand towels and rags get washed with Seventh Generation laundry detergent.

Finally, we give it all a clean sweep with a bagless Dyson, for which we’ve lovingly washed the reusable filters for years. And I do mean lovingly—a good vacuum is a tool to treasure. (Told ya I might be a little extreme!) 

Yes, all these specialty products cost more (even though they’re often made with recycled materials). We also pay extra to have recycling services here. But it’s worth it to me to avoid any cognitive dissonance. If I say we operate sustainably, I need to mean that in every way. Bonus: It’s better for our health 

So now you know my dirty little secret: I’m a clean freak. But we get deeply green about a lot of things here at Local Universe. Next time, I’ll tell you about our sustainable office supplies. (Learn why cash register receipts might as well be rat poison!) Tune in next week for all the chartreuse details!

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