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Cape Town's Climate Crisis: What You Can Do

Cape Town's Climate Crisis: What You Can Do

While you and I are celebrating Earth Day this April, Cape Town will run out of water. No joke. A whole modern city. The only good news: WE can do something about climate change. Here are simple [proven effective by science] ways that YOU'VE GOT THIS!

1.) Stop wasting food. Only buy as much as you can eat before it goes bad.

2.) Turn off and unplug everything when not in use.

3.) Reduce your use of air conditioning. Get one of those adjustable thermostats--they're all the rage.

4.) Reuse water. Washed your organic veggies? Water plants with the runoff. You get the idea.

5.) Install low-flow showerheads and faucets.

6.) Only run the washer and dryer when you have a real, full load.

7.) Eat less meat.

Look at that. Seven easy-peasy ideas. Take one and *run with it.* Want more? Check out Because climate change is real, friends, but you and I can fix this!

Tell me in the comments what idea you're gonna implement!

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