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Camping Tip: Pull Start Fire

Camping Tip: Pull Start Fire

Some people live in fear that they'll accidentally start a fire. Me? I'm terrified that I won't be able to start a fire, especially when our tummies depend on it. So I was thrilled to discover Pull Start Fire the week before we spent three days at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado. 

Camping Tip: Start a Campfire Easily with Pull Start Fire

I'm a pretty outdoorsy person. I've gone camping since I was a kid and even did a six-day backpacking trip in the Upper Peninsula a few years ago. I mean, look at this website--I'm all about the hike life!

But I have a confession to share: I've never started a campfire. 

So when I was planning what food to take for my daughter and me on our camping trip to southern Colorado, I was a bit flummoxed. I couldn't take sandwiches for the entire trip--things would get warm by day two. And while we like trail mix, it's hardly breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Enter Pull Start Fire. No need to find kindling, have special logs or be a Boy Scout. No need to douse everything in lighter fluid like my fiance does. This little cardboard box with a pair of strings will set you up with a burning ring of fire the likes of which Johnny Cash sang about. 

You just loop one string around a log, snug the box in your pile of wood and give the other string a yank. Wait a bit...a pop! like sidewalk fireworks is soon followed by some hissing smoke and then, yes, a flame. One that we easily nurtured well into an evening spent staring at the Milky Way.

This handy camping accessory was nearly flawless: Of the three Pull Start Fire boxes we tried, only one failed to spark. This could have been user error--I was reluctant to start a fire just to make oatmeal that morning anyway. Maybe my yank on the string wasn't as robust as before. But if your dinner depends on it, take a few extra just in case.*

On the whole, Pull Start Fire saved our bacon. And our rice, and our marshmallows, and all the warm things we ate during our tent camping adventure. I felt like a camping pro, and you will too. Leave the lighter fluid at home and check it out!

*Note from the kind people at Pull Start Fire: We have actually since found that in that batch of product, 1 of 72 might have a non-start issue. We have fixed this to 1 of 22,000. :)

PS: Be sure to check fire bans and restrictions before you go. Our beautiful state has been ablaze most of the summer, so please be smart and safe!

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