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Golf courses and history courses in Nashville

Local Universe enjoying Yuengling in Nashville. 

[NASHVILLE] ALocal Universe golfing Percy Warner in Nashville. explorelocaluniverse.comfter we left Luke of Eli Mason at the Nashville Farmers' Market, we paused to go golfing at Percy Warner Golf Course, a Nashville public course. It's a lovely area, bordered by Percy Warner Park and with a fresh new clubhouse. Though it's a public course, it's extremely well kept. The sun was scorching, so when I spotted a Yuengling--a beer that we can't get in Indiana but that everyone in Indiana seems to want--I snagged it. I'm not sure that it was any more amazing than any number of craft beers I've enjoyed, but it must have helped my game: I got my first ever par on a par four!

In the interest of quitting while I was ahead--and before we passed out from heat exhaustion-- we wrapped up after nine holes. Despite our thin (thick?) crust of sweat, we headed to our next stop, Belle Meade Plantation, to get a taste of the Old South. We walked the gracious grounds, through the slave quarters and past the family mausoleum in a cave, until it was time to tour the house.

Local Universe at Belle Meade Nashville.  

Local Universe at Belle Meade in Nashville.

Our guide was a talented young man in period costume who shared facts and stories about the Harding family who lived in the home. I was fascinated and full of questions: What's that? What is the chandelier made of? Why is the luggage lined up in the hall? Who is in the pictures? Most of the rest of our group, however, seemed mute, or they didn't really care to be there. I tried to limit my questions to the most pressing so as not to bore the rest of the group. It was still cool.

They were sampling some of the wines made on the estate after our tour. Tiny pours and fast. Fortunately, our group was about as interested in the wine as they were the house, so we could slip up for a second pour of our favorite, the Red Muscadine.

Belle Meade Red Muscadine. 

We were the last group of the day, and the staff was ready to get set for an event that night, so we grabbed a bottle to go and enjoyed it on the patio in the shade of a magnolia tree. It was truly a good taste of the Old South.

We should have allowed more time to shop for the genteel clothing and giant hat for the Iroquois Steeplechase the next day. After exhausting the possibilities at Macy's and acquiring finery fitting for watching the horses, we hightailed it back to the condo for our "Evening with a Songwriter"--our host, Brett Jones.

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