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Shopping for Christmas at Micah House

[HONDURAS] We're so excited to be participating in the Christmas planning for Micah House! In Honduran culture, everyone receives a new outfit on the 24th of December, and then they wear their new outfits and visit friends and family. There is even a noun and verb for it: The outfit is an "estreno" (like a "premiere"), and the verb is "estrenar"-- premiering your new clothes!

The majority of the Micah boys' wardrobes are made up of donated clothes brought down by mission groups, which is a huge blessing and which they happily wear. But this is the one time they each get new clothes, so it's special.
We selected one of the young men whom we met during our trip to Honduras for which to buy. Those who participate are asked to provide socks and underwear and a full outfit. We chose a pair of dark slim-fit jeans, a sharp-looking button-down shirt, a soccer shirt (they all LOVE to play soccer), and some very cool DC skater shoes. Pedro Luis is a handsome and stylish young man, so we wanted to choose things that we thought he'd appreciate. My teenage daughter gave the outfit the "cool" stamp of approval.

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