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Batman lurks on the Nashville skyline

Driving into Nashville with Local Universe. 

[NASHVILLE] I’m not sure what I expected, but Nashville didn’t look a lot different from Louisville when we drove in. Dolly Parton wasn’t standing alongside the highway waving us in. There weren’t cowboy hats and pickup trucks as far as the eye could see. But it was a nice city, with rolling hills and the distinctive “Batman building” on the skyline.

The Batman building in Nashville, inspiration for a shirt sold by Local Universe. ExploreLocalUniverse.comI had to Google that Batman building. I first ran across the thing when I was looking at Project 615’s T-shirts and saw the Nashville Batman shirt. What was up with that? Turns out it’s a celebration of this building that lurks behind others in the skyline, rising mysteriously from the cityscape with its pointy ears. My favorite Batman has always been Michael Keaton; I’m pleasantly reminded of him whispering “I’m Batman” whenever I see it.

Ok, so it’s AT&T’s Tennessee headquarters. But there are some heroic statistics to go along with it. At 632 feet it’s the tallest building in the state. It was built in 1994 and, according to the Tennessean, it came in $6 million under budget and five months ahead of schedule. Now that’s impressive. 

It seems like a moody building, if I can indulge in some personification for a moment. At times it looks as if it’s serenely standing guard over the fair city, at others soaring off proudly into the blue sky. At night, it glows like a beacon or a warning, depending on your need or motive. Even above the hubbub of the honky tonk silliness on Broadway, it’s steady and ever aware. Like that Dark Knight, standing strong against those who would inflict evil on this jovial scene.

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