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We're going to Nashville

Nashville is one of the first trips for Local Universe!

[NASHVILLE] We’re going to Nashville. It’s really not far from Fort Wayne, though it might as well have been a million miles to me, since the only kind of music I don’t have on my iPod is country. But it’s on my bucket list. Plus it’s suddenly getting this hip reputation. 

I’ve decided it’ll be my first buying trip for Local Universe. I don’t have a website or a logo or business cards or my new business credit card. But I’m going to a cool place. So it will be one of the first things on my new, live website whenever I get that done. The super-cool thing? People treat me like I’m a real business anyway. The people I talk to about my idea are excited for me. People I’ve wanted to order from act like it’s a natural and cool thing to start this venture and sell their wares. They’re motivated to move their stuff, of course. But it also seems sincere. They believe in me as much as, if not more than, I do.

Julianne, founder of Local Universe, almost to Nashville.

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