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Graduating boys into hope and change

Julianne, Mia and Megan at the airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

[HONDURAS] The airport was full of as many challenges leaving as it was arriving. We needed to pay an exit tax in one line; we needed to fill out some sort of exit paperwork in another. There wasn’t room to navigate the crowds with suitcases. We bumped and got bumped, scurried and worried, praying to make our flight. It was stressful and tight, but with Megan’s help we made it just in time.

We returned to Indianapolis very late, waited on the shuttle to the park-and-fly hotel, then sailed back to Fort Wayne on the interstate lined with glittering streetlights. Everything felt clean and fresh, safe and open.

But our hearts still beat with the stories of the boys who used to live on the street. I realize that they have a steady stream of visitors from the States who bring them gifts, give them hugs and marvel at their stories. It’s old hat for them, but it was new and raw for me. I am grateful for technology to keep them close, for Michael’s and Stephen’s regular updates on Facebook, so that I could watch them grow and flourish. It never gets old to hear about their escapades, their hopes and dreams, their successes, the way that the Micah Project expands its influence into the community and graduates more boys into hope and change.

The Micah House, Tegicugalpa, Honduras.

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