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School and soccer in Honduras

English class at the Micah House in Honduras. ExploreLocalUniverse.comLocal Universe sits in on class at the Micah House in Honduras.
[HONDURAS] Friday began with Megan's English class for the middle boys indoors. They had some work on the board and with Megan, and then they split up and played Bananagram with each other and Mia. Mia has made lots of friends here! Several of the boys are regularly bouncing around her, both younger and her age, teasing and talking. Peter has become Facebook friends with her. I think to some she's half-sister, half-love interest. The boys are quite sweet, though, and she is enjoying herself.

After that we went up to the tiny room above the kitchen for another English class with the three older boys who aren't yet in high school. (The boys who are in high school attend a local school.) They did book lessons for a while, and then Mia and I spent a little time trying to converse with them in English and Spanish. It's evident that younger is better when it comes to missionaries. I think the boys look at me as one of the old people, sort of a parental figure/authority rather than someone cool who can talk to them about movies and music. 

Silly boys on the bus to soccer practice in Honduras. ExploreLocalUniverse.comThe freshest juice ever during our trip to Tegucigalpa.
We had lunch afterward at Micah House (rice and beef and mmmmm....horchata, one of my favorite dessert drinks since I first had it in Spain years ago), then loaded into the van for soccer practice. The boys play soccer down in the city all afternoon every Friday. While the first group was practicing in the scorching sun, I walked around the track outside the field for a little exercise; Megan, who is a legitimate runner, blew by me regularly. And Mia sat in the shade talking to a little girl who wandered over to her. Mia tends to attract little girls and little old ladies like that; it must be her kind face. Afterward, Megan showed us a place right outside the stadium where we could buy the freshest juice ever—a woman with a giant machete-looking knife to cut open coconut, papayas, watermelon, whatever you wanted, and squeeze the juice into a blender right there on the spot. Muy delicioso, especially after the brutal blazing heat out on the track.

We came back, showered and got ready to go to dinner. Megan had just gotten a spiffy new-to-her car, a 2007 Toyota Rav4, so she drove Mia and I down into the city in the dark to meet up with Jeremy, the leader of the Timothy House where the graduated Micah boys live; as well as Megan's friend Kristi, a teacher at the International School in Tegucigalpa whom Megan knew from working there before Micah and from their Calvin College days; and Kristi’s boyfriend, Ronald, a Honduran. He’s an engineer for Cummins (headquartered in Indianapolis--small world!) and a former national volleyball player. We ate at a great open-air restaurant downtown before Mia, Megan, Kristi, Ronald and I came back here to the cabin for the night. We're all going to head up north tomorrow to spend the night at a little resort-type area up there. It was interesting to see outside the walls of Micah House after dark; the city was fairly lively, but intimidating. Maybe it was my imagination sensing danger around every corner, or maybe it’s the reality in the murder capital of the world.

Dinner out in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

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