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A cracker dip recipe with culinary lavender

We've been itching to open a package of organic culinary lavender from Lavender Hill Farm. It smells A-MAZING even through the bag. So when we had to bring crackers and dip to a family get-together, we seized the moment. 

Raw lavender buds are beautiful. They're the most lovely shade of...well, of lavender. 

Lavender Hill Farms organic culinary lavender available from Local Universe. 

We decided on something simple to start. Lavender Goat Cheese with Honey has just five ingredients, and you only have to stir them together. 

Local Universe preparing to make Lavender Goat Cheese cracker dip using culinary lavender from Lavender Hill Farms in Petoskey, Michigan. 

Lavender Goat Cheese Dip

11 oz. soft goat cheese

1/3 c. heavy cream

3 Tbs. organic Lavender Hill Farm culinary lavender

2 Tbs. honey (We had Honeyville raw honey from Colorado. Mmmmmmm...)

a sprinkle of sea salt 

Stir everything together in a bowl (not the one that you're going to serve the dip in, because it will be messy.) When everything is well-blended, spoon it into a serving bowl. Serve with crackers and Voila! Simple sophistication and an appetizer that is as pretty and fragrant as it is tasty.

But we failed in the most important step: a photo of the finished product. (Here it's being stirred.) So help us out--make the recipe and send us a photo of your finished dip. We'll post it here with credit to you and send the first five a free package of culinary lavender! 

Local Universe making Lavender Goat Cheese dip with organic culinary lavender from Lavender Hill Farm in Petoskey, Michigan.

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