Artist Profiles

Eli Mason: You can't bottle these good feelings

Eli Mason of Nashville with Local Universe

One of the best parts of what we’re doing in Nashville is not the amazing travel or the awesome products, but getting to meet the people making those products, learning about their inspiration and stepping into their lives. You just never know how or when it’s gonna happen. 

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Mother and son cook up Soberdough Brew Bread

SoberDough in Nashville with Local Universe

Soberdough is tucked away on the back side of a newer, upscale office park in the well-kept southern edge of the city. It could have been an accounting firm from the outside, but the inside was a delight for the senses. The work space is modern, rustic, hip and aesthetically pleasing—founder Veronica Hawbaker, it turns out, was a graphic designer before she started making dough. The kitchen is shiny and bright. Veronica is tall, blond and beautiful. And she’s just finished photographing a gorgeous plate of fresh cracked pepper and sea salt bread that she’d like us to sample. 

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The meaning behind Project 615's shirts

Local Universe at Project 615 in Nashville

Are we there? I wasn't convinced when Hail Mary, my nav system full of grace, told us we had arrived at Project 615. I hopped out into the humidity and walked up the choppy sidewalk; at the top of the hill, connected to the side of Set Free Church, was a large, whitewashed building with the logo emblazoned on the outside. 

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How to grow love amid thistles

Local Universe at Thistle Farms in Nashville

The next morning began EARLY. I’m a night owl anyway, and I was on vacation. But Thistle Farms asked us to be at their facility by 8:45 for meditation before our tour. And boy, oh boy was it worth it. I’ve been on mission trips, so I expected to be moved in unexpected ways. But I was bowled over by the warmth and energy that is Thistle Farms. Walking in is like a great big hug. And even that is inadequate. 

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