Artist Profiles

Meet Will and Elliot of Worthy

Soy candle sustainably made and handcrafted in Denver, available at

[DENVER] Roll up on Will Duggins and Elliot Hasse’s workspace, and any dude will have serious envy. 

The TV mounted high on the wall for ultimate visibility in Will’s garage is tuned to football. The guys have cracked open a couple of longnecks. And they each have a bike: Will’s is a Triumph Scrambler, and Elliot’s is a Harley Davidson Iron 883.

Getting together to work on their Geo Soy Caribbean Teakwood Candles isn’t exactly a painful process.

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Meet Kelly Perkins of Spinster Sisters

Lavender at Spinster Sisters; their handcrafted skin care is available at

[DENVER] Kelly Perkins loves coming up with new products. It’s her favorite thing—developing recipes with just the right ingredients. She might even admit to being addicted to the process of making soap.

And why not? It’s a methodical, meditative and fragrant process, especially the way Spinster Sisters makes soap.

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Meet Lindsay Lawrence of Seattle's Metamorphic

Material cut and ready for sewing for Metamorphic dopp kits and bags, available at

It’s amazing how some people can see new potential in the items around them. 

Take Lindsay Lawrence, founder of Metamorphic in Seattle. He was working for a boat builder headquartered in Rhode Island as their West Coast sales and repair representative when he crafted a large messenger-style bag and a tool bag from a cast-off sail. 

And it just so happened that people loved it. So he made more, and he began incorporating other materials—seatbelts, truck tarps, climbing rope. How often do you look at a seatbelt and imagine it as part of a tote bag?

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Meet Seattle photographer Travis Tyler

Seattle photographer Travis Tyler smooths and seals the glossy glaze over one of his images, available at

It was pure luck and good timing that allowed me to meet up with Travis Tyler. 

Before I travel to a new city, I put in days of research to find artisans and makers who meet our product criteria [], who are willing to wholesale, and who are willing and able to meet during my trip. 

But I love to leave time for the unexpected discovery, and Travis’s photography was just such a find. 

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