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Meet Benjamin Keffer

Meet Benjamin Keffer

Meet Benjamin Keffer, the artist who created Fresh Air, No Cares, and see more of his work at

Where do you live, and where are you from? 

Live in Warsaw, Indiana, and from Columbus, Ohio

Where's your favorite place to be outside? 

Currently the playground with my son is my favorite place to be outside.

Why do you create?

I have been drawing and creating for as long as I can remember. My parents bought me a drawing table when I was 5, and I just never stopped. I thought over this question "why do you create?" for a while after reading it, and the simplest answer just kept coming back to me. I don't choose to create, I create because it's who I am, it's just how I am wired.

How would you describe yourself in 20 words or less?

I am goofy, outgoing and love to design and find ways to relate images with people.

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